Time to Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re on piglet watch here at Schreck’s Acres, waiting impatiently for Clover to farrow her second litter.  She’s due today or tomorrow, and a big healthy litter and healthy mama with be cause for celebration.  She certainly looks ready:


She’s got quite the birthing suite.  If only all hogs could have this much space to do their thing!  She even has a ball to play with.  We don’t want a bored mama.


The areas in the corners are “creep” areas, where the piglets can lay away from Clover, to minimize the chances of injury.  We will have heat lamps for them to warm up under.  Hopefully we will have piglet photos very soon!

In other species news, we welcomed two steers to the property, for 4H and FFA County Fair projects.  Fergie and Apollo are best buds.

IMG_5314 IMG_5320 IMG_5329

Our three Berkshire hogs are growing nicely and keeping us entertained.  They are very personable, nosey little gals who really want to know everything that’s going on, when they’re not hunkered down in their self-made beds in the woods.


We hope you all have a relaxing and fun day with family and friends.  Cheers!

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