Definitely feels like spring. The days are getting longer, which is nice because I don’t have to do morning chores in the dark anymore. The bees and flies and mosquitos have arrived, and green grass is everywhere. We have a group of Cornish cross meat birds and some new layers who are about 6 weeks old. And of course, Clover the sow, Joey the steer and Bob the rent-a-friend companion lamb. He gets put in with whomever needs company and someone to butt around, he gets equally pushed around by the steer and the sow.

Clover’s piglets are 4 months now, growing nicely and all ear tagged as possible show pigs for fair. They are eating non-medicated feed, milk, hay and apples and will be going to their final destination late June. One will be available at the Junior Livestock at the El Dorado County Fair on June 14th. The remainder will go to Wolf Pack Meats for USDA processing and be available by the cut.

Joey the steer will also be auctioned off at the Jr Auction, and he is being fed non-medicated, antibiotic free feed.

It’s a busy time of year, I need to get my garden in and still have potatoes to plant that are about a month late. Keeping the chickens out of the garden is the big challenge to they don’t destroy my plants.

Enjoy the season, it’s so beautiful outside.








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