July chicken available soon!

Our last batch of chickens for the spring/summer of this year is growing nicely and should be ready July 29th and 30th. We have found in the last couple rounds that our feed costs have been higher than anticipated, and we’ve had some predator issues, therefore we will have to charge a slightly higher price per pound this time, $5.50/lb.

We have to ensure that our tiny corner of the sustainable farming community stays truly sustainable, in that we can actually stay in business raising chickens and pigs. With feed costs for organic chicken feed so high, we need to charge a little more to cover our costs and have money left over to invest in future projects and development to our land.

We just added four piglets to our farm and we plan to expand our forest-raised swine component and have USDA inspected and packaged pork available by the pound in 2014. We will continue to raise truly free range chicken, and we are looking into ways to streamline and optimize our process.

If you have a moment, I would love it if you could drop me a quick note to tell us what your biggest priority is in choosing to purchase meat from a small farm like ours. Is it the organic feed, the outdoor free-roaming life of the animals, or just the great taste? Maybe all three or something else entirely? Getting feedback from our valued customers will help us so much. Email me at schrecksacres@gmail.com.

Back to delicious chicken! We have a large batch of birds who should be ready for deliveries or pick up on July 29th & 30th. They will be $5.50/pound and should weigh in between 3-5 pounds ($16.50-27.50). If you have a preference for smaller or larger, let me know in your order and I will try to match you up when we package. We will not have chicken available again until late fall, mostly likely November.

We are now accepting credit cards if you’d like to utilize that option!

Thank you again for your business and please share this with anyone you know who is looking for delicious chicken, fed organically and raised with love and care in the great outdoors.

Chandra & Mark Schreck

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