Birds on the move

We moved the last batch of spring/summer birds to the larger grass area for their final 3-4 weeks. They have a ton of room now and lots of grass and bugs that have been growing since its bring irrigated. The birds had a ton of fun pecking around this morning until Placerville turned into Death Valley around 10 AM. Geez it’s hot. I hope these chickens were crossed with some Central American wild fowl so they can withstand the next several days of 100+ temps. Right now they are hunkered down in the shade doing the spread-wing, open beak panting looking like they’re thinking about how we must have decided to cook them alive or something. Poor babies!

Speaking of poor babies, it seems that the predator(s) that killed a few of our birds a couple weeks ago must have taken off with more than we thought. When we moved the birds we were able to get a solid count and we are down about 7 or 8 more birds than anticipated. What a bummer. When we sell these, we will have to charge a bit more, $5.50/pound, to cover the losses. But they will be worth it, we get compliment after compliment on how our chickens are so delicious.




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