i think baby goats are actually the cutest animals


I know there’s puppies and kittens and all that, but these goaties are simply precious.  I think what makes them so cute is how playful they are, how they climb on each other and leap off anything they can climb up on, doing it over and over again.


Here is Trixie, who has a sister who is similarly marked, but with less white.  These two are available in a little over a month, for anyone who is looking for registered Nigerian Dwarf does:DSC_1950


Here’s Pixie, Trixie’s sister, with their mama Glenda, who may be available as a doe in milk:


And here is a shot of Coco mama with her little wether-to-be, S’Mores.  Not a great shot of her, but you can see how much alike they look. S’mores is also available as a wether, in late June:


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