hens gone wild

Don’t let their calm look fool you, these ladies are cray-cray.  Since we’ve moved pens and pastures regularly over the last two weeks, all the chickens are a bit mixed up.  We have quite the integrated flock now, 23 of these young egg layers, 9 big red hens (meat birds), 25 young red birds, 40-something young white birds and one old hen who is escaping the “affections” of the roosters – boy toy, she is not.  Anyhow, no one quite knows where to go at bedtime, and the pen swapping rivals any 70’s disco era Saturday Night Fever.  So Mark and I get to play chicken sorters each night after dark, finding, counting, moving and tucking in about 100 chickens.  And that’s not counting our 100 new chicks, who are safely tucked into the brooder, only about 5 days out of the egg.  Hopefully by tonight, the outdoor birds will get a clue and at least go to bed inside, not perched on the raised bed of my potato patch or the 7 foot wire fence of the goat pen in the rain.


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