First day out in the big wide world

Our little meaties are two weeks old now and have moved out of the brooder box in the garage and into their transitional housing, while they attend group therapy and submit to daily drug testing. Just kidding. Their outside transitional house is a large dog kennel that we have adapted with small gauge wire to prevent escapees, dog kennels and heat lamps for warmth and the cool drip watering system Mark set up. They are on dirt and grass with some shavings for extra warmth and they can be let out under supervision, for they are prime hawk pickings right now. And hawks aren’t paying market price for organically-fed chicken, so hawks can go pick on mice, if you ask me. No one’s planning their summer barbecue around mickey.

It’s so cute to watch the chicks forage around tasting fresh greens for the first time, scratching in the dirt looking for goodies. The chirping and wing flapping and running these little ones do is beyond adorable. And the natural diet and sunshine they are enjoying are building not only a delicious dinner in a couple months, but a more nutritious one too. Want to know more? Check out these links:

Eat Wild – Grass Fed Benefits

Pasture fed vs. containment





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